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Whenever we hear the word "supernatural", it brings with it a variety of thoughts and images of the unexplained and miraculous. Although this may be true, I beieve there is a realm of the supernatural that can become our new reality. Let me explain with a story about me and my dog, Chai.

Whenever I need to excape to a place to have some peace and quiet, I take my e-reader to the seclusion only a bathtub can offer (I'm the only male in a house ful of females- they wont follow me there!!). Not long ago, Chai (our goldendoodle of 1 year old) made her way into the bathroom and dropped her ball into my tub of bubbles, expecting me to play fetch. Annoyed at this intrusion into my fortress of solitude, I decided to throw her ball over the door of the stand-up shower across from the tub. When I did this, Chai spent the next hour either working to figure out a way to open the shower door, or lying in frustration in front of the door. Never leaving that ball she wanted to retrieve.

When the dog did as I had expected, I thought to myself how she didn't have a chance against me because I capitalized on the weakness of her nature as a retriever. Instantly I began to consider how we as humans also can become easy targets to the enemy of our soul, because he knows our nature. He knows how unforgiveness can turn to bitterness. He knows how the natural cravings of revenge and jealousy can make us self destruct. This is why the only answer to the weaknesses of the natural, are found by living in the supernatural.

So how do we live in a supernatural way? Jesus gave us the answer. Love.

Only love can cause a person to turn the other cheek. Only love can empower us to walk the extra mile. Jesus even instructed us to love our enemies and pray for those who despitefully use us! How can this be accomplished any other way than by loving them? It's natural to hate. It's natural to be selfish. It's natural to step on others to advance our own lives. It's above natural, (the prefex "super" simply means "above") to love others when its more natural to love ourselves.

Love always gives. Lust (the counterfeit to Love) always takes. The Bible says it best: "For God so LOVED the world that he GAVE His only begotten Son....

You want to defeat the destructive downward pull of human nature? Then escape it's gravity and give Love - before the devil leads you by your nature on a pathway of predictable destruction.

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